Wash & Care

Beast & Buckle products are sturdy, easy to maintain, and long-lasting! Proper care will extend the life of your harnesses, hoodies and accessories even further.


Similar to human clothing, spot-washing dirty spots will always be the best method for cleaning harnesses and hoodies to ensure a long life for your B&B products. However, machine-washing is perfectly acceptable and will effectively clean your items. While we cannot guarantee that every washing machine on the market will clean your items without damaging them, your items should be safe in your home's washing machine.


All Beast & Buckle items should be air-dried rather than machine-dried.

Things to Avoid

Avoiding or preventing certain scenarios can keep your Beast & Buckle gear in tip-top shape for even longer:

  • Biting and chewing - As well-built as our products are, an aggressively chewing pup can cause severe damage to our products. Make sure your human always supervises you while you're wearing your harness or hoodie (or are near these items). Be sure not to chew the buckles, too - while plastic buckles are more affordable, water-resistant and lightweight than their metal counterparts, they are more susceptible to damage from chewing.
  • Exposure to ocean or lake/river/pond water - Beast & Buckle products are designed for wear on dry land, and while use during bathtime or in a pool (please be sure to wear a flotation device!) might not cause damage, the saltwater in oceans and the water in smaller water bodies that is filled with things like algae can damage our gear to the point where they are no longer usable.
  • Improper wear/use - Please only use our products as intended. Improper use can result in damage to the items and, more seriously, injury or even death.