Reversible Dog Harnesses (7-36 lbs.)

45 products

    45 products

    What is a reversible dog harness?

    A reversible dog harness provides two, completely interchangeable designs through the use of flexible material and removable, adjustable straps. Beast & Buckle's reversible dog harnesses feature premium designs on smooth neoprene (front) and breathable mesh (back).

    Designs can be switched easily in a process that takes roughly 15-20 seconds from start to finish, and each component, including the D-ring, adjusts to be equally usable on both sides.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the reversible dog harness provide all of the same safety benefits of a "normal" harness?

    Yup! The reversible harness provides all of the safety and functional benefits of a normal harness, just with added design benefits.

    How do I change my reversible harness from one side to the other?

    Changing the design is very easy! Just follow the instructions here to flip from one side to the other.

    Can someone help me if I need help reversing the harness?

    Of course! Email and we'll help out right away.

    What size dogs can wear Beast & Buckle's reversible dog harness?

    The size range for our complete range of sizes (S-XL) is 7-36 lbs.

    Are there certain dog breeds that don't fit well in this type of harness?

    Dogs with very thin, narrow bodies, like chihuahuas tend to have issues finding a good size for this harness, but the overwhelming majority of dogs in the harness's weight range will be able to fit properly into one of our sizes.

    What happens if the reversible harness I ordered doesn't fit my dog?

    Don't worry – we know that sizing for dogs can be VERY tough! We offer free exchanges so that you can get a new size for your dog stress-free. You'll receive a return label to ship back your old harness AND we'll ship the new one for free. 

    You can learn more about returns and exchanges here.