No Pull and Big Dog Harness Use Guide

How do I put on the harness?

The harness is VERY easy to put on. The most important part is to ensure that the side with the handle goes on the back.

We recommend unbuckling all three buckles so that the harness can be put on (and removed) without needing to go over the dog's head. When putting the harness on, secure the neck area first, then the chest.

If you're putting the harness on your dog for the first time, you'll want to adjust the straps so that the harness fits snugly on your dog. We recommend putting the harness on the dog first to see how much adjustment is needed, then removing the harness and adjusting it most of the way while it's not on the dog. Make adjustments in roughly equal amounts on each side of the harness. Fine-tuning the fit to get it perfect can be done while the harness is on your dog. You'll know the fit is right when the harness feels snug (doesn't move around) and you can fit two fingers in between the dog and the harness.

We've also got great video guides for tightening and loosening the harness if you need help.

How do I adjust the neck strap that doesn't have a buckle?

Adjusting this strap is very easy! If you're looking at the chest area of the harness, loosen the strap by moving the black strap clip to the left towards the pocket on the chest from which the strap comes out of. To tighten it, move it to the right as far as needed.

Pro tip – the black strap can be moved through the elastic strap loop that holds the strap in place. This gives you lots of extra room to tighten!

What can I do with the excess strap?

If you have the harness adjusted to a tighter setting, you will likely have a good amount of strap at the end. Not to worry! There are pockets on the chest side of the harness where each strap comes out of where the excess strap can be tucked. If you have the harness on a very tight setting and there is a lot of extra strap, you should be able to fold the excess strap over and still fit it in the pockets.