Dog Harness and Leash Set Bundles

59 products

    59 products

    What sets Beast & Buckle reversible dog harnesses apart?

    Premium quality

    Our harnesses are made from high-quality materials that are safe and comfortable for you to wear. The front side is made from soft neoprene, the back features breathable mesh, and it's all hand-stitched for a look and feel light years ahead of a regular harness.

    Stylish reversible design

    Our style emphasizes clean, attractive patterns combining bold use color and fun concepts (donuts, anyone?). With two patterns on each harness, you'll always be ready to dress up or dress down.

    Comfortable fit

    Beast & Buckle harnesses are all about comfort and safety! The neck opening is flexible to allow your head to slip through without hasslin' you too much, and the adjustable body strap keeps the harness snug and secure on your body. You'll love how it feels from your very first walk!