Awesome gear for French bulldogs!

Beast & Buckle's co-founder is a lovable little Frenchie named Clark, and he's developed an amazing line that Frenchies everywhere will love.

French bulldogs's bodies have unique needs that make finding the right gear very important. All of these products are perfect for Frenchies, and are worn safely and comfortably by our many French bulldog customers every day.

Reversible Harnesses

Our Reversible Harnesses feature a comfortable, safe fit for your French bulldog and two beautiful designs. Most full-grown French bulldogs wear sizes M, L, or XL in our Reversible Harness.

Classic Harnesses

Our Classic harnesses offer the tried-and-true harness experience with high-quality construction, an adorable design, and an affordable price. Most full-grown French bulldogs wear sizes M, L, or XL in our Classic Harness.

No-Pull Harnesses

The No-Pull Harness is perfect for dogs with unique fit needs or the tendency to pull or get wild. It features D-rings on the front and back, a three-buckle setup (so it doesn't need to be slipped over your head), and heavy-duty construction. The harness is VERY adjustable, with most female and smaller male French bulldogs wearing a size S, while most larger males (>25ish lbs.) wear a Medium.


Beast & Buckle Dog Hoodies are plush, warm, and comfortable. They zip on and off in seconds and feature an opening the back for a leash so that you can wear a harness underneath and let your human clip your leash. Walks have never been so comfy! Most full-grown French bulldogs wear sizes L, XL, or XXL Hoodies.


Every harness needs a leash...and ours match! Not only are they strong and sturdy, but they're extra-comfortable for your human – the padded handle needs to be tried to be believed. It's the perfect piece to complete an adorable outfit.

Poop Bag Holders

S*** we've got you covered! Your human will love the matching poop bag holders that clip right onto a D-ring on our leashes. It holds more poop bags than you can imagine, too. Poop away, buddy!


We don't just do harnesses! Dress down with a comfortable collar made to the same premium standards as our harnesses. Each collar features one of our premium design patterns and a special attachment to hold ID tags.

Cooling Bandanas

How would you like to look cool AND stay cool on those hot summer days? Enter our Cooling Bandanas. Not only do they look great, but the material can help cool your body when dampened with water.

Pups and their Pawrents love Beast & Buckle!