How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

Every dog is unique. But in general, most dogs can benefit from 30 minutes to two hours of walking every day.

There’s no doubt about it: dogs love going for walks. In fact, some dogs will get excited at the mere sight of their owners lacing up their shoes or grabbing their cute dog leash from its designated wall hook. And as a dog owner, there’s plenty of reasons for you to love this simple activity as well. Beyond increasing your dog’s lifespan and quality of life, going for regular strolls exposes your furry family member to a smorgasbord of exciting sights, smells and sounds that help stimulate your pup’s brain.

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But as a new dog owner, you may want to know the answer to one simple question: how often should you walk your dog? Keep scrolling to fetch the answer.

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Breed Plays a Role

Your dog’s breed plays a significant role in deciding how often you should walk them. For instance, if you have a working dog breed, such as the Siberian Husky or a Doberman Pinscher, a quick walk around the block isn’t going to cut it. These dogs were bred to perform practical tasks (sled pulling, guarding, herding, etc.) and often require more strenuous exercise to satisfy their need for a “job.”

Size Matters

In general, small dogs need less exercise than their bigger, working breeds. However, there are several exceptions to the rule. For example, the pint-sized Jack Russell Terrier typically needs a minimum of 90 minutes of walking per day, whereas Newfoundlands are known for being couch potatoes and may only require between 30 to 60 minutes of walking every day.

Consider Your Pup’s Age

Another important factor to consider is your pup’s age. While exercise can benefit your puppy, experts warn that overdoing it could be tough on your puppy’s developing skeletal system. In particular, large dog breeds should take shorter walks due to how long it takes their growth plates to close (up to two years). Similarly, senior dogs will often require shorter (and much slower) walks to accommodate their aging bodies.

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How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

There is no hard-and-fast answer to how often you should walk your dog. However, the general consensus is that most dogs need somewhere between 30 to two hours of walks a day. Most dog owners prefer to break this time into multiple, shorter walks. For the reasons we explained above, this approach may be best for young puppies and senior dogs. 

Keep in mind that this answer doesn’t take potty breaks into account. If you decide to take your dog for one long walk, they still need to be let out to potty multiple times throughout the day. 

Dog Walking Tips

Remember, walking should be a fun activity for both you and your dog! The more you look forward to your daily walks with your dog, the more likely you will make it a habit. With that in mind, here are a few tips to make walks with your furry friend safer and more enjoyable.

  1. Use a Harness – Equal parts fashion and function, dog harnesses alleviate pressure from your dog's sensitive neck and give you more control on walks. Plus, they come in an array of playful styles to show off your pet's personality. For double the style points, choose a reversible dog harness with patterns on both sides!

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  2. Don’t Rush It – Dogs use their sniffers to make sense of the world around them, so you want to give your pup plenty of time to smell things on your walks. Try to pick a time to walk your dog when you’re not in a huge hurry.
  3. Clean Up After Your Dog – Before you head out for a walk with Fido, make sure you have a dog poop bag holder with plenty of doggy bags. Picking up your dog’s waste isn’t just the polite thing to do, but it’s also important for preventing the spread of disease and illness.

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  4. Avoid Walking in Extreme Weather – It’s not safe to take your pup for walks in extremely hot or cold weather. If the weather outside is nasty, stay indoors and teach tricks or play with dog toys instead.
  5. Find a Dog Walker Before You Need One – When life gets in the way of walking your dog, you’ll be grateful to have a reliable dog walker on speed dial. That way, you can call them when you’re in a time crunch and ensure that your dog’s needs are being met.

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