8 Fun Dog Photography Ideas

Dogs bring so much to everyday lives: joy, love, comfort, security — the list goes on. Why not celebrate them with a fun and memorable photoshoot? Whether you’ve recently welcomed a dog into your life, or your canine pal has been there for all your monumental moments, these dog photography ideas are a wonderful way to capture your pup’s personality and score precious pictures you’ll cherish forever. Don’t forget to reward your subject with lots of yummy treats!

1. Go for a hike together.

From forested paths to white-sand beaches, nature offers an array of amazing backdrops for your photoshoot — not to mention tons of mental and physical stimulation for your pup! Get your four-legged hike-ready (and photoshoot-ready) with a cute dog harness in a playful design and hit the trail together in style and comfort. For an unforgettable shot, plan your hike around the “magic hour,” aka the last hour before the sun sets and the first hour after sunrise.

camo no pull dog harness


Get Your Pup a Cute Dog Harness

2. Blow dog-safe soap bubbles.

Soap bubbles look beautiful in photos and add a touch of playfulness that is sure to vibe perfectly with your pooch’s fun-loving personality. Unfortunately, traditional soap bubbles are toxic to dogs. But don’t worry dog-safe soap bubbles are a thing, with some even coming in flavors like bacon and peanut butter. Blow bubbles around in the backyard and take plenty of snaps while your dog chases and chomps at them.

3. Use street art to show off your pup’s personality.

Many cities in America are known for their impressive street art: Miami, New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta, to name just a few. If you live in (or near) an art-centric city, take advantage of the cool street art by having your dog pose in front of a gorgeous mural, some eye-catching graffiti or a colorful door. Pro tip: One of the best ways to help your pup stand out against street art is having them wear the opposite color. So, if you’re standing in front of a mural with mostly darker hues, consider dressing your pup in something bright and colorful.

4. Rock a cute hoodie.

In our humble opinion, there is nothing more aww-worthy than a pint-sized pup wearing a cute puppy hoodie. The ideal blend of function and fashion, dog hoodies are perfect for early spring/late autumn photoshoots. Skip the boring hoodies in plain colors and opt for one with an adorable print, like our Ladybug dog hoodie (shown below). 

pumpkin spice dog hoodie


5. Showcase your pup’s personality with a stylish bandana.

Prefer not to go all out with your pup’s outfit? Skip the dog clothes and showcase your pup’s personality with an adorable dog bandana instead. From precious holiday designs to spring and summer themes, Beast & Buckle has an array of festive dog bandanas in fun colors and prints. Made with a special material that cools when wet, our dog bandanas are the perfect blend of function and fashion.

Shop Our Cute Dog Bandanas

under construction cooling bandana


6. Capture the perfect head tilt.

Dogs possess many lovable quirks and habits, but one of their most endearing is their habit of tilting their head. Your dog does this to show she’s fully engaged in what you have to say — similar to how a human nods their head during a conversation, according to VCA Animal Hospital. Want to get your dog to rock the head tilt? Apps such as Dog Boogie and iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker will make squeaky sounds, as well as other interesting sound effects, to capture your dog’s attention.

7. Get creative with a message board.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy dog photography idea, look no further than the humble letter board. These trendy felt boards are commonly used for pregnancy announcements and gender reveals, but lately, pet parents have been using them to poke fun at their furry friend’s personality. If you want to get in on the trend, come up with a funny message (e.g., “Hi, my name is Ned and I like to drink from the toilet”) and have your pet strike an adorable pose by it. Get ready for all the Instagram hearts!

8. Play up their best feature.

Does your dog have gorgeous baby blues? An adorable snout? The prettiest coat you’ve ever seen? Put their best feature on display in your photos. For example, if your dog has piercing blue eyes, you could edit the photo to make their eye color pop. As the saying goes: If you got it, flaunt it!

Make It a Fun Experience

Taking high-quality photos of your dog is fun, but also challenging at times. (There’s a reason why professional pet photographers exist!) If your dog isn’t cooperating for the camera, take a deep breath and remember that there will be plenty more opportunities to take the perfect photo of your furry friend. Focus on having fun with your pup, and a good photo is bound to happen eventually!

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