Are Harnesses Good for Big Dogs?

These days, it seems like you can’t go anywhere without seeing some adorable pup sporting a cute dog harness. Originally developed to help working dogs pull heavy loads, modern dog harnesses have become a must-have accessory for any dog owner who wants to make their daily strolls with Fido a safer and more comfortable experience. Their ability to redistribute pressure from the neck to the torso makes them especially popular among owners of small breed dogs that may be more susceptible to neck injuries and breathing issues. But as the owner of a large breed dog, you may be wondering: Are harnesses good for big dogs? 

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The short answer is yes, a dog harness can be a great option for L- and XL-sized pups. Big dogs can be incredibly strong, and using a harness made for large breeds can make a huge difference in your ability to safely control your furry friend on walks. 

That said, not all dog harnesses are suitable for large breed dogs. In this post, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using dog harnesses for big dogs. We’ll also share a few tips on how to choose a dog harness that will meet the unique needs of you and your canine companion.

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What Are the Benefits of Putting a Harness on a Big Dog?

Every pooch can benefit from wearing a dog harness, and big dogs are no exception! Putting a harness on your pup can:

1. Reduce pressure on your dog’s neck

Large dog breeds can pull hard on the leash, and experts warn that repeated stress on the neck can cause long-lasting damage to the thyroid gland and other important glands and tissues in the neck area. A harness reduces strain on your pup’s neck by redistributing the pressure to a larger area of the body.

2. Keep your dog safe and secure

Some large dog breeds such as English Bulldogs and Pitbulls have thick, beefy necks that allow them to slip more easily out of their collars. A well-fitting harness provides additional security if your pup decides to make a break for it on your walk.

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3. Provide greater control over your dog

Big dogs can exert an incredible amount of strength on the leash, which can lead to a potentially dangerous situation if your dog isn’t well-trained. Many dog owners find that our dog harnesses for big dogs give them greater control over their pet and make their walks safer and more enjoyable.

Are There Any Downsides to Using a Harness on a Big Dog?

A harness can be a wonderful part of your trainer’s toolbox if you have a big dog that likes to pull on the leash or lunge at squirrels on walks. But like most dog training tools, choosing the right harness for your big dog is essential. 

Traditional back-clip harnesses are a great choice for calm, well-trained dogs, but they can be dangerous for large breed dogs that love to pull and are easily distracted on walks. That’s because the leash attaches to the back of your dog, which can create a sled-pulling effect that encourages pulling and gives your dog more control.

For this reason, many experts recommend using a big dog harness for untrained or hyper dogs. With no-pull dog harnesses, the leash attaches to a clip that hangs low on the front of the dog’s harness. This location discourages your dog’s ability and reflexive response to pull, giving you greater control of your dog while teaching them proper leash manners.

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How to Choose a Dog Harness for a Big Dog 

Thinking about getting your big dog a no-pull harness? Good choice! Here are a few tips for choosing a no-pull harness for your big, four-legged companion.

  • Measure your dog correctly. Before you start your search for the best big dog harness, measure your pooch’s neck and chest to ensure a comfortable fit. Harness sizes vary from brand to brand, so you’ll also want to check their size chart.
  • Keep durability top of mind. The bigger the dog, the more pressure he or she can exert on the harness. A good dog harness is one that’s made from durable materials and can withstand the pressure of your pup’s pulling.
  • Have fun with the design. Cool dog harnesses aren’t just for the little guys! Our no-pull dog harnesses come in a wide array of fun patterns and prints to show off your dog’s personality. 

In Conclusion

If your furry friend tips the scales over 50 pounds, it’s crucial for you to be confident in your ability to have complete control over them at all times. You and your dog could end up in a deadly situation if they decide to lunge toward traffic or bolt after another animal on a walk. 

With a no-pull dog harness from Beast & Buckle, you don’t need to stress about keeping your furry friend safe and secure. All of our products are made from high-quality materials to maximize your pet’s comfort and give you peace of mind. Check out the entire collection of dog harnesses for big dogs today and get back to enjoying worry-free walks with your furry friend!

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