Are Harnesses Bad for Dogs?

If you’re on a mission to sniff out the best dog gear for your canine companion, you’ve undoubtedly come across the humble dog harness. Designed to discourage pulling, this must-have dog accessory has the ability to transform the most frustrating of walks into a serene, tug-free experience that’s enjoyable for both you and your dog. But as a pet parent who wants only the best for their furry companion, you may be wondering, “Are harnesses bad for dogs?” In this guide, we aim to tackle that question and set the record straight.

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Are Harnesses Bad for Dogs?

The short answer is no, harnesses aren’t bad for dogs. On the contrary, walking your dog with a high-quality dog harness offers several advantages to leading them with a simple collar and leash, including the following:

  • Increased safety on walks
  • Better control over your dog
  • Less stress on your pup’s neck and joints

Just like humans, dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy and trim. The right harness can go a long way in increasing both the enjoyment and frequency of your daily strolls together so you and your furry friend can remain healthy for years to come.  Plus, having your dog wear a harness provides yet another opportunity to level up your dog’s style game. With Beast & Buckle’s wide selection of cute dog harnesses, your pup is guaranteed to look spiffy on their next walk!

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Dog Harnesses 101: What Dog Owners Need to Know

Dog harnesses are a fantastic training tool and are perfectly safe when used correctly. To ensure that your experience with our dog harnesses is positive, here are a few things you ought to know.

1. Proper Fit Is Essential

Choosing a well-fitting dog harness is vital to your dog’s safety and comfort. If your dog’s harness is too loose, they may be able to escape from it during a walk and put themselves in a dangerous situation. You also don’t want the harness to be too tight. Otherwise, it could cause rubbing and chafing.

Before buying a harness for your dog, make sure you know their exact measurements. Here at Beast & Buckle, our sizing guide makes it easier to choose the correct harness size for your dog based on their measurements. If you’re still unsure, though, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Whether you’re shopping for a no-pull dog harness, a dog hoodie or a new collar, we’re always happy to help you nail down the perfect size for your furry friend.

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2. Ease Your Dog Into It

If your pup is new to the harness world, don’t expect it to be love at first sight. Many dogs don’t like the feeling of confinement and may respond negatively to harnesses when not introduced to one properly. Here are a few tips to help your dog build a positive association with their harness:

  • Allow your dog to sniff the harness 
  • Put a treat on or near the harness and let your dog eat the treat off of it
  • Give your dog a treat whenever you bring out the harness
  • When you buckle your dog into the harness for the first few times, make sure you have some high-value dog treats (plain chicken, freeze-dried liver, etc.) at the ready

3. Take Off Your Dog’s Harness at Bedtime

No matter how much your dog loves his harness, it’s not practical or safe for him to wear it all of the time. For one thing, dog harnesses are somewhat bulky and can potentially get in the way of a good night’s rest. Dog harnesses can also get caught on the wires of a crate and become a choking hazard. 

Many experts recommend taking your dog’s harness off at night for these reasons. Removing your dog’s harness at night not only ensures a safe and sound night’s sleep for your dog, but also gives their skin a chance to breathe.

4. Clean Your Harness Regularly 

Finally, don’t forget to clean your dog’s harness regularly. Even if you aren’t taking your dog on muddy hiking trails and sandy beaches, their harness will eventually absorb enough of their skin’s natural oils to develop a musty odor.

Thankfully, washing a dog harness is an easy task. Just put a few squirts of dog shampoo in a bowl of hot water, let the harness soak in it for 15 minutes and gently squeeze the remaining water out. Let the harness air-dry, and voila — your dog’s harness is as good as new!

The Bottom Line

So, back to the question: Are harnesses bad for dogs? The answer is no, they’re not — at least, not when they’re used correctly! As long as you get the right fit, take your dog’s harness off before bedtime and clean it regularly, there’s no reason to be overly concerned. 

Now, who’s ready to leash up in style and go for a walk? (Hint: it’s your dog.)

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